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What is Etiquette?
     It is said that good manners cost you nothing but ignorance will cost you everything. I think we can all agree that proper etiquette is necessary and an essential part of life. However, what is Etiquette? Etiquette is a code of behaviour for people from all walks of life, every socioeconomic group, and of all ages, defined by manners and rules that are followed in social or professional settings.


    Good manners are not an outdated institution, as some would have you believe, and being polite does make the world a better place for all of us to live. Manners do indeed maketh the man, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Etiquette is not a dormant language. It’s forever evolving, growing and adapting to its cultural environment.


    That allows us to be flexible enough to respect those whose beliefs and traditions differ from our own. However, the core principals of proper etiquette remain universal and timeless. Civility and respect are the highest expressions of human decency, the glue that holds communities together. If there was ever a time, to be reminded of this, it’s now.


       The world we live in gets ever faster where instant gratification has become the default mindset, not only for children but adults alike. Discourtesy and unconscious behaviour in children is one thing but adults who demonstrate the same, quite another. Courteous people are a pleasure to be a roundtable to relate emotionally to the sentiments of others.
    They listen carefully to what people say, instead of watching for a gap, so they can start to talk again. My father once told me, ” We have one mouth and two ears for a reason”- I never forgot it. Courteous people are conscious of their surroundings and register what they see.


     They are flexible and willing to adjust their style to the needs and feelings of others while maintaining their integrity. Gracious characters are forgiving and understand that nobody is perfect. For them, superiority and inferiority do not exist. They know that all people are doing their best with the tools they have available at any given time and treat them accordingly.


     A person with real class is unpretentious and doesn’t need to be someone he or she is not, nor do they look down on others. Whether king or pauper, they meet you at eye level. They never shame or embarrass another human being for a mistake in form, such as using the wrong fork or introducing people out of order.


    A private word away from the ears of others is their method of delivery. With style, grace and panache they help to create new leaders, not more followers. A skilful human being is a real treasure to behold. Experienced in the ancient arts of etiquette, impeccable manners and social protocol, he or she exudes confidence and likeability.


     To become this most excellent version of yourself, however, takes discipline coupled with the mother of all skills, repetition. Becoming an expert in the practices of etiquette, good manners and protocol, is first to understand how they differ and when and how to apply them.
What is Etiquette