You don’t need to be British in order to excel at this timeless meal tradition

Exactly as the name suggests, Afternoon Tea is a tea-centric meal that was introduced in Britain in the early 1840s. It was supposed to be a bridge between the large gap before taking evening supper. What started as a private event for ladies of the upper social tiers quickly turned into a widespread practice ritualised by Queen Victoria’s “tea receptions.”

A simple meal, usually consisting of, tea, scones, finger sandwiches, and delicate cakes, it is a wonderful occasion to celebrate a special event, or simply socialise with your friends and acquaintances. Although it is no longer organised in the same manner as the Victorian Era, the Afternoon Tea ritual continues to be a worldwide practice that embodies good cultivation and poise that most regular tea meals do not. The etiquette for Afternoon Tea is by no means complex, nor overtly bothersome. We can guide you on how to make your way around this evergreen tradition.

With us, you will learn:

  • Dress code – understand how to navigate your wardrobe before you step out for Tea.
  • History of tea – learn about different types of tea, how they travelled the world, and what to expect from your menu.
  • Tea etiquette – know the ins and outs of tea ordering, how to serve yourself, how to prepare your drink, and the proper way to handle your cutlery.
  • Cakes and Scones – familiarise yourself with the different types of pastries and scones that are served at an Afternoon Tea, what kind of condiments accompany them, and what is the correct form to consume them.
  • Do’s and Don’ts – learn the basic expectations your guests and hosts will have of you, and what would be considered a social faux pas.

Afternoon Tea is a delectable experience that one should enjoy at the fullest without feeling dazed and overwhelmed in the social setting where it takes place. Instead of floundering over simple tea and scones, let us help you make this as fun and dignified as you would wish it to be!