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Etiquette is a way of life. Master the rules to grow and succeed.

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Table Manners & Dining Etiquette
Just because a meal is a basic human necessity, doesn’t mean it needs to be treated as anything less than a grand, smooth and pleasurable experience.
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Afternoon Tea Etiquette
Afternoon Tea is more than just a Victorian Era meal – it’s a whole affair to partake in. Learn the art of enjoying this age-old social tradition.
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Etiquette of Styling – Sartorial Savvy
Fashion is an art, one that may not have any hard rules. However, haute-couture is far from street and party wear – learn the technique behind styling yourself to match the image you wish to cultivate.
Savoir-Faire (Social Etiquette)
The craft of Savoir-Faire is here to teach you how to navigate every imaginable social setting know how to do, and how to do it right.
Business Etiquette
Every career path has a set of rules that can help you stand out: not just as a fantastic employee but also as a great boss or business partner.
Entertaining Etiquette
Be the guest every host wants to invite – and become the host that every guest will eagerly anticipate sending an RSVP to.
What We Do?
We prioritize our clients’ needs, allowing us to plan tailor-made sessions and workshops that provide you the most beneficial training and learning experience.
Who Might Need Us?
Your soaring aspirations and drive to learn are the only requirements we have. Dubai Etiquette Academy is for anyone wishing to get ahead in life.
Meeting in the Middle
We value your time just as much as we value ours, and we pride ourselves on flexibility. Learn at your convenience, any time and any place.

Why Choose Us?

Choose a way of life that will set you apart from the rest.

Dubai Etiquette Academy

Chart Your Future With Us

Don’t let life catch you off-guard. Plan your future needs and achieve all you want.

 While we certainly live in a less formal world than ever before, politeness and protocol are still common courtesy that exist for a reason. As social expectations change, so do the decorum and the norms of human presence and interaction – but that doesn’t mean they are free of rules. Embody the manners that maketh man so that you can prepare yourself for the future that you plan to seize.

Shape Up Your Personality

We’re all chiseled from the same block of marble - but that doesn’t mean that we can’t smoothen and polish our edges.

Etiquette is not just about which place setting to use for a 7-course dinner, which wine glass to use for which drink, and what font to use for your personal correspondence. Perhaps a behavioural code seems dated to some: but rules have existed for a reason. They can most certainly be shaped to fit modern society, and improved on to help us assimilate into a world that continues to change at an exponential pace. Learning how the rules of society work is a great way to take what makes you ordinary and make yourself extraordinary.

Dubai Etiquette Academy
Dubai Etiquette Academy

But What Can Etiquette Do For Me?

It’s not just about being proper - it’s also about being clever and functional.

  • Proper etiquette does wonders for ones’ confidence. Both go hand in hand, and help you go a long way in moving through life without any fears.
  • Respect is not freely given, it is earned. Treating others with dignity is a gift that always gives back.
  • How you behave at home and present yourself in your private circles is a precursor to how you will present yourself to the world.
  • Embodying a positive attitude and social etiquette doesn’t just get you a seat at the table – it makes sure you stay there.

``Bite not thy bread and lay it down, this is not curtesy to use in town, but break as much as you will eat, the remnant to the poor you shall leave.``

The Book of Curtesy – William Caxon, c. 1460

What the Experts Say?

An ovation, from some of the outstanding authorities on etiquette.

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“Ever since I first met Roya, as one of my students in London I was impressed with her enthusiasm and exemplary interest in the field of etiquette and civility. I know first-hand that Roya is a delight to work with and has an ease of manner that lends itself to helping others learn and understand how to live a politer and more gracious life.”

William Hanson, Etiquette Expert
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Roya has an innate sense of style with elegance and decorum. She exudes ladylike confidence and has invested in herself and brand to create her new and very exciting business. She has undergone intense etiquette training in London with the best to ensure she delivers elite etiquette experiences in Dubai.

Isobel Kershaw, The Stylist London
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