Business Etiquette

Don’t just focus on dressing your resume… learn to embody the part you want to play!

Starting your career isn’t just about acquiring the technical skill-set for your field of interest. We no longer live in an era where vocational training is satisfactory to be successful. In a globalised economy and competitive job market, what sets an individual apart is the charisma with which they present themselves and how they conduct business.

There is a misunderstanding that business etiquette is only for those who work in top-tier circles and interact with high profile entities. While your interactions might vary depending on your designation, business etiquette goes a long way in not only reflecting your attitude towards your work and colleagues, but also sets you apart as someone who can adapt to any environment. Whether you’re training to become a CEO or manning a reception, business etiquette applies to all, and helps nurture and foster relationships that will be beneficial to you in the long run.

With our course, you will learn:


  • How to develop powerful body language – learn how to present yourself, not just when you have to take a leadership role, but also when you’re interacting with clients and superiors.
  • Business introductions – how to introduce yourself confidently without arrogance, understanding cross-cultural differences, and how to give/receive contact details.
  • Talk the talk – how to carry a polite discussion, from phone conversations, small talk with peers, to business negotiations and ventures.
  • Interview training – prepare for an interview and advertise your potential, whether it’s to a board or over the phone/video conferencing.
  • Business dining etiquette – how to choose a restaurant, how to treat your guest, and what is appropriate table behavior.
  • Look the part – learn how to dress yourself for a regular office day, as well as important formal occasions.
  • The written word – how to converse effectively on paper, including your resume, memos, official letters, and invitations.
  • Social media presence – how to boost your personal and professional image in the online world.


Don’t become the employee who walks in with a slouch and dresses sloppily on casual Thursday, the one who looks blank and rude when involved in a conversation at a meeting. You want to become the employee that turns heads when they walk across the office, the one that everyone knows they will be addressing as boss one day. Let us help you climb up that career ladder with a finesse that everyone dreams of – and everyone has the potential for!