Party Etiquette

Be the guest every host wants to invite – and become the host that every guest will eagerly anticipate sending an RSVP to.

A party is as memorable as the one who decides to throw it. You could spend an exorbitant amount of money on the best decorations, invest in a lavish ambience, a mouth-watering catering service, and a well-trained cohort of staff. But it all falls flat if you cannot treat your guests the way they are meant to, or plan an event that succeeds in reflecting your intentions. Even the most excellently planned soiree cannot hold strong against an ill-mannered host.

At the same time, the responsibility of a successful event is shared by the guests, as well. For as important as the skill to give is, just as important is the skill to receive. Nobody wants a guest who becomes a burden to the hosting party – or worse, the one who disrupts the entire event. There is no reason to fret, though. The art of being a good host and guest is one that is easy to imbibe. After our course, event hosting and attendance will become as easy as breathing allowing you and everyone around you to cherish the event for a long time.

With us, you will learn:


  • How to plan a guest list – whom to invite for which events, and how to ensure your guests get along.
  • How to plan a successful menu – accounting for seasonal ingredients, time of day, number of courses, the occasion, and guests’ dietary requirements.
  • How to create a seating chart – who ought to sit where and what is the tier of proximity to the hosts and/or guests of honour.
  • How to be a good guest – learn how to be the perfect guest, whether it’s simply for one meal or if you’re being graciously hosted for a longer period of time.
  • The art of gifts – learn how to not only pick the perfect gift for your host, but also learn how to choose appropriate return gifts for your guests to take home.
  • Decorations – how to choose your venue and dress it for the right event, including what kind of centerpieces to prepare for every event.
  • Pre-Dinner Drinks – learn what are the appropriate drinks to consume before a meal, how many to consume, and how to serve them to your guests before dinner.
  • Coffee – how to treat your guests to post-dinner coffee, and what makes up post-meal etiquette.
  • Tipping etiquette – learn the art of showing gratitude to those who have provided you their services, and how to do it in a culture-appropriate manner.

The mastery of being a good guest goes hand in hand with being a good host – after all, one can easily spot the flaws in another and help balance them out. Learn how to be excellent at both and become the life of any party – yours, and someone else’s.