Don’t just talk the talk. Learn to walk the walk.

Human interaction is near impossible to avoid with seven billion very busy, very impatient people – and the one thing that matters is an impactful first impression. In a world as small as ours, the saying “don’t let opportunity slide by you,” is a valid piece of advice. You can imagine the only thing worse than never having the right door open for you: having the correct door swing wide but not knowing what to do when you get to it. Nobody should have to catch themselves in a situation where they are incapable of presenting themselves or their intentions

Our Savoir-Faire course helps you tackle this very hurdle. From the French ​savoir (‘to know’) and ​faire (‘to do’), savoir-faire literally means “to know how to do”. There is no longer any need to fear the idea of meeting people in an unfamiliar setting, because our course will equip you with the skills that make up basic etiquette for human interaction, regardless of the social setting.

Have you ever watched someone walk into a room and immediately known they’re the most powerful person there? At Dubai Etiquette Academy, we can aid your transformation from an unsure duckling into an elegant swan, preening your feathers into perfection.

With us, you will learn:

  • Deportment – how to physically carry a positive attitude, how to catch postural concerns and how to correct them, and how to present yourself in a public setting.
  • Common courtesy to possess as a host, and as a guest.
  • How to appropriately greet someone, depending on who they are.
  • How to introduce yourself, in a business setting as well as a less-formal social setting.
  • How to make small talk – and how to steer it the direction that is most beneficial to your interests.
  • The skill of switching from one social group to another, and how to do it seamlessly.
  • How to address a room – from the person in position of honour, to your peers and guests, and even bystanders.
  • How to appropriately interact with strangers.

Everyone has a chosen path to walk in life. This path shouldn’t become a burden to trek and tire through, a steep mountain to crudely conquer. Instead it ought to be a beautiful lake to sail across; a memorable experience. Never doubt your potential to become the most respectful and, subsequently, most sought after entity in any room. It is simply a matter of recognising that potential within yourself, and honing it into the right tool to fruitfully maneuver through the social circles that you are a part of. Let us help you hone this skill, and teach you the craft of savoir-faire​.